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thursday, 12/5/2022 20:00 h
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saturday, 14
/5/2022 17:00 h & 21:30 h

sunday, 15/5/2022 18:00 h

Little Rob J. Col's life changes the day he becomes orphaned and discovers he possesses an unusual skill in his hands: he can predict death. Adopted as an apprentice by a barber surgeon, Rob travels to England to discover life, discipline, and curiosity to learn. At the age of nineteen, a Jewish physician tells him of the distant Persia, where there is a medical school run by the best physician of the time: Avicena.Rob departs for the adventure, willing to cross half the world to become a doctor. As she travels in a caravan through the desert, she meets Mary, a Scottish girl who will make her remember her origins and mark her future plans.It will not be easy for Rob in Ispahan, nor pretend to be a Jew to be allowed to study nor her relationship with the Sha, who gets encapsulated from her friendship. He soon becomes an advantageous pupil of Avicena, but a plague, war and a despot king will test Rob's life. Only friendship, her vocation and love will push her to survive.

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Telephone: +34 971 734 735

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